Love amazing content? So do I!

I’m Catherine

And I’m the founder of The Freelancers’ Digest.

I’m a passionate freelance copywriter and content creator who enjoys writing engaging articles for your brand and watching your business grow, one word at a time.

I work with individuals and businesses in diverse industries, but mostly, I focus on the fields of health/healthcare, real estate, finance, freelancing, and digital marketing.

The writing services that I offer my clients include:

  • Inbound Email Copywriting
  • Website Copywriting
  • Short and Long-form Blog Articles
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Sales Copies

Why work with me?

There are several other writers out there you could hire, right? Well, here are my secrets (what not every other writer will offer you).

  1. I deliver pure gold: This means you never have to worry about lousy, poorly-researched, boring content on your website/blog/email feeds.
  2. You get value for your money: Yes, you get what you pay for, and sometimes even more!
  3. Timely deliveries: You don’t need to worry about deadlines/delayed work/delayed emails because I work on strict timelines
  4. Thorough research: By thoroughly researching and understanding your industry, I get into your customers’ minds and address their deepest needs. Consequently, I write copies that resonate with them, engage them, solve their problems, and finally get them buying your products/services. (Yeah, your customers want to know a lot, if not everything, about what they’re spending their money on).
  5. More sales and more revenue for your business as a result of excellent content marketing (which is the in-thing)
  6. A growing subscribers’ list as a result of authoritative and highly helpful content on your website/blog.
  7. Money-back guarantee: Yes, I said exactly that and I’m very sure about it.

You know, there’s nothing more elevating to me like a happy, satisfied client. And for that reason, I work my ass off to make my clients just that, happy! Satisfied!

So if at all you don’t feel that happy/satisfied with the work I deliver (ok, this happens maybe 1/1000 days), I promise, you get your money right back (The full amount you’d paid).

8. 50% discount on your first article. Well, and who doesn’t like free (or nearly free) things? We all do, right? To welcome you into my lovely clients’ circle, I’ll write your first 500-word article at a 50% discount.

Sounds like a pre-engagement tip or something, huh! Yeah it is. Just to say ‘Welcome buddy.’

When can we get started?

Well, the time is now, because sometimes, clients really surge in and my small team and I have to decline some orders to make sure we don’t disappoint our clients. So, hit up the mailbox right now before we have too much to handle already.

When we have less clients, we deliver more. So just a few clients at a time.

Drop your mail right now at freelancersdigest@gmail.com and let’s build your success story in the most brilliant way ever.

When you succeed, I succeed, we all succeed!!

Cheers! Talk soon!!

Thank you.