Understanding Cytonn Money Market Fund and How to Use It to Boost Your Income

Is there anything that sucks more than constantly getting on the phone to borrow money to cover for your ‘unexpected’ financial needs?

What if you never had to worry about making those dreaded ‘I need a favor’ calls when an emergency knocked at the most unexpected time? What of that desperate feeling that sinks in when you cannot get financial favors from the people you thought would always have your back?

Perhaps the pandemic was a blessing in disguise, an unprecedented eye-opener to some of the worst uncertainties that life can present to us. People lost jobs, businesses went down the drain, and the economy suffered a harsh blow.

However, as a result, Kenyans became more conscious about how they spend, save, and invest their hard-earned money. Currently, everyone is looking around for safe, secure, and convenient options to diversify their investments and sources of income. 

And they want to do so with as minimal risk as possible.

What if something worse than the global COVID-19 pandemic cropped up?

How safe will you be? Economically? Financially? 

Money Market Funds: A Convenient Option for Alternative Investment

Money market funds have become one of the most convenient and preferred investment tools for Kenyans in 2021.

A money market fund is an investment scheme in which many investors pool their funds and invest to earn an annual (or monthly) interest. They often have a professional fund manager who manages the funds and oversees the investments. 

Since the beginning of 2021, thousands of middle-income Kenyans turned to MMFs to diversify their investments and sources of income. This is because of the convenience and ease of accessing their money anytime, having earned an interest.

Unlike letting it lazy in the bank waiting to be eaten away by inflation, MMFs allow your money to work, earn, and grow.

Who still saves their money in the bank anyway? If you still do, you might want to go for some mental check-up!!

Understanding the Cytonn Money Market Fund

There are certainly a handful of options when it comes to investing in money market funds in Kenya.

And Cytonn Investments offers you the best option.

I’ll tell you why:

Cytonn Money Market Fund is the best option for middle-income earners looking for a safe, convenient, and highly liquid place to invest their money.

This pool of funds is ideal for the conservative, low-risk investor who leans towards stability and security for capital invested.

The interest is calculated daily and credited to the investor’s account.

Cytonn MMF is safely managed by Cytonn Asset Managers Limited (CAML) and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA).

Since it started, Cytonn MMF has helped thousands of Kenyans to fulfill their financial goals, both short-term and middle-term. Investors have greatly benefited from its positive performance and continued to invest even more.

Benefits of Cytonn Money Market Fund

  1. Value Addition: 
    • Cytonn MMF rewards investors with a higher rate of return. 
    • It offers a tiered interest rate that rises as your balance increases.
    • The current annual interest rate is 11.0%.
    • The current interest rates are higher than other MMFs in the market 
  2. Convenience:
    • Easy to register, deposit, and withdraw funds
    • Minimum initial investment of 1,000/-
    • There is no minimum top-up- you save as little as you can afford
    • Interest earned is compounded daily.
    • Maximum daily investment/top-up of 300,000/-
  3. Security of Deposit: 
    • Cytonn MMF safeguards your initial capital
    • Your capital remains safe even if you decide to withdraw your membership.
  4. No Hidden Charges/Shortfalls:
    • Zero initial management fee. 
    • A 1.5% pa annual management fee.
    • No entry or exit fee charged
  5. Easy Registration and Transactions
    • You can Register online as it is fast and convenient. 
    • You can deposit and withdrawal cash anytime through M-Pesa. Just dial *809# and get started.
    • M-Pesa pay bill 775093 – Account number-client code
  6. Peace and Comfort
    • You can access your funds from wherever and whenever you like.
    • You get to enjoy peace of mind knowing your money is working for you.
  7. Stay Updated: 
    • You can view your investment statements and progress anytime, anywhere, on your phone.
    • Simply dial *809#
  8. Safety/Low Risk:
    • Cytonn MMF is a safe and low-risk investment opportunity.
    • It is authorized and regulated by the Credit Management Authority (CMA) of Kenya.
    • You receive substantial tax-free income from the accumulation of capital gains.
    • Cytonn bears all the risks involved

Bonus: You can withdraw your membership whenever you feel disappointed along your investment journey. You easily get back your initial capital and the accrued interest.

Even though there are many options for financial investment, Cytonn MMF beats them due to the many benefits investors enjoy.

What are my Options, And Why Choose Cytonn MMF?

Currently, the average cost of borrowing from a bank is 19%. 

Rather than borrowing from a bank and paying back with ridiculous interests, Cytonn partakes in people-driven investments and pays back the interest earned to its investors.

Bank saving is no longer an option in the modern world since your money nearly earns nothing and quickly loses its value to inflation.

While other people prefer investing their money in Saccos, the catch is in the liquidity. There is very low liquidity as you cannot access your money anytime you need it. You will mostly need to give a 60-day notice to get your deposit back. 

No case for emergencies here. 

So, let’s say you only have three options to choose from when it comes to your financial life:

  1. Continue wallowing in financial despair and leaving hand to mouth while dreading emergencies.
  2. Let your money lie in the bank and be eaten away by inflation every single day
  3. Invest where your money works as hard as you do, grows with you, and shelters you from life’s uncertainties.

Well, I think the main reason why you are here is that you want to escape the first two traps, right? 

So then, choose the third and stay safe by registering here today.

Why Invest Today?

Well, because time waits for no man! And emergency knocks no door! 

Like I said, who knows when the next pandemic will strike? Or when your boss may decide to throw you out into the cold streets? What if your company decides to lay off tomorrow, and you become the first on the dreaded list?

And where will you turn to if your business runs dry tomorrow due to unfulfilled payments or just a bad occurrence? The more reason why you have to start securing your financial life today, right now- for you and your loved ones.

Testimonials: Thousands of Happy Investors

Cytonn MMF currently has thousands of investors whose dreams have come true as a result of making smart financial decisions.

Cytonn is always proud to make your dreams come true! 

Testimonials from our happy and satisfied clients make us happy and keep us working harder to help our investors grow.” Teresia King’ara.

Check out what happy Cytonnaires are saying about this investment opportunity:

Our Happy Investors

“I’ve been with Cytonn for over two years now, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. They have the best rates in the market, are always accessible when you need them, and are secure. I feel comfortable recommending Cytonn to anyone looking for a money market fund!”

Christine Mutua

“I love Cytonn’s money market fund. It is so easy to access my money anytime. The customer service is super-responsive, and they are always helpful when I have questions. I’ve never had any problem with them and would recommend them to anyone!”

– James Mwai

“I’ve saved my money with Cytonn for over a year now, and I have never been happier with my decision. The rates are really competitive, the customer service is fantastic, and I can always count on Cytonn to be there for me when I need them. It’s currently the best investment choice someone can make.”

– Caroline Robi

“In case you are looking for a money market fund that is safe, low cost, and provides decent returns, you will want to invest in Cytonn. They do not have any hidden fees or complicated rules. I am very confident when I recommend them to my friends.”

– Kennedy Abuga

“When I discovered Cytonn, I was just looking for a place to put my money and earn a little interest on it. I got more than that. They helped me set up an account so fast, and they offer a great rate of return. I’m glad to have found Cytonn and would recommend them as the best money market fund in the market right now!”

– Velma Achieng’

“I opened a Cytonn money market fund account and am so glad I did. I’ve had my ups and downs with money in the past, but this time I feel secure. Their return rate is higher than other options in the market, and that’s what makes me stay with them. Thanks, Cytonn for putting my financial life in order.”

– Wanjiku Mwaura

“After a lot of research, I found that Cytonn MMF is the best in terms of both returns and convenience. It’s also pretty stable with minimal volatility, which is very important when I need to make a withdrawal or deposit. I would recommend this fund to anyone looking for their next financial investment.”

– Erick Bundi

“Investing with Cytonn is the best financial decision I have ever made in my life. These days, I just sleep peacefully knowing that my financial life is safe and in order. I would advise you to invest with Cytonn any day, anytime.”

– Loreen Kimani

These are just from a few happy clients. 

You could also be one of them. But only if you are smart enough to start investing today.

How Can I Start Investing?

It’s as easy as ABC:

Simply SIGN UP HERE and start earning competitive returns on your initial investment.

You can also download the application form here.

For easy mobile registration, Dial *809# on your mobile phone right now for a guided step-by-step registration process.

Register now and stay ahead of inflation.

Invest with Cytonn Money Market Fund for a low-risk, high-reward savings option that provides regular returns and enables you to achieve your financial goals. 

“Cytonn Money Market Fund – Amplifying Your Investment for a Modern World.”

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