7 Proven Strategies for Building a Highly Successful Brand as a Freelancer

Every successful freelancer knows the importance of taking time to build a strong, unique, and effective brand. Your unique brand is what makes you stand out from the large pool of freelancers online, and lets you be the one calling the (money) shots.

However, not many people know how to go about the nitty-gritty involved.

In freelance writing, your success story does not begin when you get clients. It actually begins the moment you start building your unique brand, distinguish yourself from the crowd, and start selling yourself to potential clients

In my previous post, I talked about the 5 reasons why every freelancer needs to establish their unique brand.

In this article, you will learn how you can start building your unique brand as a freelance writer, get your work out there, and find the high-paying writing gigs you always dreamt of.

  1. Define Your Brand Name

Identify how you want your brand to be known as a freelancer.

Your brand name goes a long way in distinguishing you from other freelancers.

You could choose to use your name if you’re doing all the writing alone. However, if you have co-writers, you can choose a more neutral name, but make sure it defines exactly what you do.
Remember to choose a name that is simple and easy for your audience to remember.

2. Create Your Own Website/Blog

After identifying a brand name, the next step is to create your own website or blog. This is where you will post your articles and build a portfolio for potential clients to gauge your writing skills.

As a freelancer, the first impression people get of you is through your website. Whether it’s how easy it is to find your sample projects or connect with you for business purposes, how current your online presence is, or whether it inspires them. The first impression matters a lot.

A personal website/blog is also the simplest way through which your potential clients can find you.

NB: You can always start with free website versions such as wordpress.com sites if you do not have the budget for a professional site. However, remember to upgrade as soon as possible.

3. Own Your Work

The next step is to write powerful and engaging content and post them on your own blog/website.

Owning your work as a freelancer is quite empowering.

There’s no room for compromise on the quality of your work. When you have your website with articles you have written, you become your own boss. You connect better with potential clients since you already have a portfolio they can review. Clients get to trust you faster and hire you to work for them

Freelancing today is a lifestyle, not just a job.

It’s time to be who you are anyway. So, go ahead and own your work!

3. Write guest posts

After writing a few articles for your website, it’s time to get published somewhere else.

Identify a famous website/blog that relates to your niche and request for a chance to write a guest post for them.

A guest post is a great way to put your best work in front of as many eyes as possible. And, as a freelancer, it enables you to build your brand and expand your reach into new industries.

Quality, viral guest blogging is a strategy that gives freelancers leverage and promotes their brands tremendously.

If you want to build your brand and earn a real income from your writing, never ignore the power of guest blogging.

4. Have A Strong Social Media Presence

Another key factor for establishing your freelancing brand is through your social media platforms.

To build your freelancer brand through social media, consistently post useful content on your social profiles and pages to connect with your target audience. Also post useful comments and engage with posts on other successful freelancers’ profiles/pages.

According to a recent survey by Avant Link, 52 percent of freelancers’ blog posts are viewed less than 20 times. In fact, 45 percent of freelancers are behind in blogging for at least one month. Consequently, most freelancers use social media to connect with their target audiences and maintain a consistent online presence.

Choose the site that gets the most engagement first. When you are ready to expand, start working on some other platforms.

LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to help you start building a strong social media presence for more benefit as a freelance writer.

5. Network with Other Freelancers

Networking is crucial for every freelancer.

It is the best and simplest way to get more freelance writing gigs. 

You can network online on freelancing sites or meet other freelancers in person. As a freelancer, you should also network with peers in the same field since they may refer clients to you, help you out with projects, or even give you some unique advice about your niche.

Connect with fellow freelancers on freelancers’ groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, among other social sites and get engaged.

Networking with other freelancers can help you:

– Tap into a profitable industry

– Find new clients and 

– Keep up to date with the latest events and news.

6. Be Consistent

As a professional freelancer consistency goes a long way when building a reliable, trustworthy brand.

Consistency means setting and adhering to deadlines, carrying out self-improvement, and continually learning new skills.

Being consistently reliable and always producing high-quality work is key to making freelancing a dependable and lasting career for you. 

7. Consider Niching Down

Even though specializing on a particular niche/industry may not be realistic during your initial stages of the freelancing journey, it should always be part of your long-term plan.

The most sought-after and highly paid freelancers are those who are experts in specific niches.

As you continue writing articles on different fields, identify the niche that interests you most and become an expert in it. Build your brand around this niche and become the go-to person for any related content.

Niching down increase the chances of receiving referrals and consequently, earns you more money as a freelancer.


I know. Brand building can be a long, time-consuming, and uncomfortable process especially if you want to make money faster. However, its long-term strategy requires a shift in perspective.

With a unique brand name, a personal website, social media presence, and proper networking, any aspiring freelancer can stand out from the crowd and be the most sought-after writer in their niche.

The above strategies coupled with consistency and hard work are proven strategies that will help you build your unique brand, attract high-value clients, and achieve your most desired dreams.

Unlike traditional brands that are built around an identifiable look and feel, a freelancer’s brand should always be a work in progress.

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