5 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Needs to Establish a Unique Brand

Whether you are a freelancer or starting your own business, a brand is one of the greatest assets you can ever leverage on. When you look at yourself and your work as a freelancer, what do you pride yourself for? What do your clients know you for? What would you like your prospective clients to recognize you for? What makes you uniquely stand out among the large pool of freelancers in the market? Now THAT is your brand!

Even though many freelancers underestimate the benefits of building their brand, ask any successful freelancer and they will tell you what makes them stand out. And that (their unique brand) is what has led them down the road of success.

As an upcoming freelancer, there are four distinct ways in which you can build your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your niche:

– Create your own website/blog and write articles for it

– Write guest posts for other websites/blogs

– Have a strong and consistent social media presence

– Network with other freelancers

So, what are the benefits of establishing your own unique brand as a freelancer?

1. It Makes You Stand Out:  

Your unique brand gives you a competitive advantage over other freelancers. 

Most freelancers in the job market can neither define what exactly they do, nor what they offer. Some of them are just out there offering ‘anything’. 

With an established and renowned brand, your potential clients can easily pick you out of the large pool of freelancers competing for the same jobs they offer.

2It Establishes Credibility:

Your brand makes it easier for you to market yourself. 

When you share helpful content on your website or other credible websites/blogs, potential clients can see your knowledge and expertise in a particular niche. Your brand convinces them upfront that you can deliver. 

This mean that your brand makes clients trust you quickly and become more willing to pay you to work for them.

3It Helps You Land High-Value Clients: 

With a unique and well-established brand, you have the luxury of choosing which clients you want to work for. 

Consequently, you can raise your rates and work only for the highly-paying clients hence, more money in your bank account. With more high-value clients, you get to work less, earn more, and have the freedom to continue growing your freelancing business.

4It Tells Your Potential Clients What You Offer

When clients check on your website/blog, they already know your potential. They only need to go through two to three of your articles and decide if your kind of writing would work for them. If they like your work, they will go straight and hire you without further negotiation. 

A strong brand makes your clients see you as the go-to person for a particular subject and may even refer you to other clients looking for the same kind of writing.

5It Sets the Tone For Your Work

Having a unique brand not only sets the tone for your work but also for yourself as a freelancer. It also helps you find and define who your ideal clients are. 

As a freelancer, writing has a way of bringing out important aspects about you like your personality, values, and virtues. These aspects play a critical role in connecting with your audience and other potential clients. 

In the freelancing world, having a strong brand is often a shortcut for the hectic job application process. Consequently, setting and building up an authentic and unique brand should be the priority of every freelancer. Even though it takes time and effort to build a strong and authoritative brand, it is always worth it as it helps your career grow exponentially. As a freelancer, never skimp out on this idea. Make it a priority to work on your personal brand to enjoy the associated long-term benefits throughout your career.

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