6 Brilliant Ways to Transform Your Life Before Breakfast

Hello friend,

Let’s talk about personal development today.

You know for a long time, I used to think the happiest people are those who are in love but turns out I was wrong!

According to American best-selling author Robert Kyosaki, happiness doesn’t come from having a successful business, having all the money in the world, or living the most luxurious life with a fleet of cars and a beach-side bungalow. Neither does happiness come from a successful marriage or a successful career.

I love Robert Kyosaki, and he’s my favorite author. Why? Because he gives away infinitely valuable knowledge for free. He shares his life experiences and the paths that led him to become the successful businessman and millionaire he is today, which inspire many people.

Kyosaki is yet sharing another wonderful book that’s incredibly valuable. And because I’m a blogger (and an aspiring author inspired by him), my happiness is to share with you valuable life-changing content. You can guess that I chose to share this book because it touches on health, my field of enthusiasm.

In his book, “Change Your Life Before Breakfast,’ Robert shares six interesting rituals that will help you kick-start your day just the way millionaires (like him) do. He shares his own experiences and how these habits have transformed his life throughout his success journey.

Read on and learn the six secrets of transforming your life right before breakfast.


According to Robert, the best thing to do when you wake up is spare the first 5-10 minutes to meditate. This is the moment you just shut out the whole world and every other thought about the world and focus on the inner you.

Don’t stretch your hand for that phone to check on the things that happened while you were asleep. Don’t turn on the TV/radio either. Don’t even speak to anyone.
Just keep calm and silent, letting your brain recover from the world, clear your mind and let it go into a state of ‘comma’.

2. Pronounce Your Goals
Think About the goals you want to achieve and say them out loud. Verbal affirmation helps program your brain such that your actions will naturally lead you to work towards that specific goal.

I call this the power of spoken words.

If you make a habit of actually pronounce your goals every morning, you may achieve them sooner than you expected.
For instance: If you want to lose 5kg within the next two months, write it down in your workout diary and pronounce it five times every morning. The power of words!

3. Visualize

After making verbal affirmations, visualize yourself in that position you wish to be. Visualize yourself in that perfectly shaped body with no belly fat and perfectly toned muscles. Visualize yourself in that big office doing your dream job and living the perfect life you want.

But wait! You don’t just visualize yourself in that position already, but first, see yourself taking the necessary steps to reach your set goals.

4. Exercise

Not everyone enjoys working out early in the morning. There are morning people, and there are evening people. Either way, even if you’re not a morning person, slight morning exercises are still necessary to wake that body up, boost your blood flow, boost your body’s oxygen uptake and get enough energy to kick off the day.

Charge up your body with a 10-minute body stretch, push-ups, slight jog up and down the stairs, or a 10-minute plank session.

5. Read a Book

See, there are days when I wake up early in the morning, stretch out my hand for my phone, and then there is this irresistible force that pushes me nowhere else but to the Twitter app. I’m eager to check on what’s trending and what happened while I was asleep. But this doesn’t always end up so well.

So, I’ve learned from Robert’s book that the best kind of information to feed yourself early in the morning is the one that helps develop your skills, mindset, and wisdom.

Start the day by feeding your mind with positive knowledge that empowers your mind and contributes to your personal development.

6. Put It Down on Paper

Every successful person in any field of life will tell you they always put their dreams down on paper. This is not by default.

I have also realized that the things I have written down have come to accomplishment more than the ones I have merely wished in my mind or recited by mouth.

Apart from visualizing and verbal affirmation, there is much more power in words that are written down. They appear more real and achieving them becomes easier.
See, even you can start your day with positive energy and a productive attitude by making these 6 morning rituals part of your daily life.

Well, now you have it.

If you take your time to read this exceptional book, your life will never be the same again! And guess what? It’s FREE!

Click this link to get a pdf version of this book at absolutely NO COST. https://www.richdad.com/promotions/2017/change-your-life-before-breakfast

And Thank Me Later!

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